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bannerSophronia and the Vampire’ is the story of a crone – a witch in the last of the three stages in a woman’s life – who is enjoying a nostalgic trip along the west coast of America when she finds herself stuck in a small town, trying to help a young witch avoid becoming the possession of a two thousand year old vampire.

I like my romance to have a healthy dose of humor, coming from both hero and heroine, and by this I mean the heroine has to be funny too, not just the feed for the man. I was coming up to my fiftieth birthday when I wrote ‘Sophronia and the Vampire’ and I wanted to create a heroine who wasn’t in the first flush of youth. Much as I love Buffy and Sookie Stackhouse, at the age of 50, it seemed a little undignified to be trying to identify with them and I don’t really want to. So Sophronia took shape and as she grew on the page, it seemed entirely natural to me that although she’s a woman who’s had her fair share of tragedies, she doesn’t sit around dwelling on them. She takes whatever life throws at her, all the while managing to see the funny side.

I also quite liked the idea of taking back possession of the word ‘crone’ and celebrating it, rather than seeing it as an insult. I’ve no objection to men becoming distinguished as they get older, but I want the same courtesy for women as well. So Sophronia is prized by the vampire world for her superior experience and skills, to the point where she actively has to work at being ignored or ‘invisible’, a state of affairs still far too commonplace in our society where older women are concerned.

Writing the book was easy because I was really only writing for myself to begin with and I found it very enjoyable having a myth foundation to base my story on, but at the same time be able to create any new lore that I wanted. I’ve always been fascinated in the triple goddess theory of Maid, Mother, Crone, as well as the powers ascribed to witches throughout history, whether good or evil. Messing about with frogs and spells and cauldrons, however, always struck me as a bit icky, so I updated Sophronia, giving her coercion and telepathy, powers I’ve always thought it would be great to have myself. As for Hagen, I was intrigued by the idea of a creature that had been alive for thousands of years and what that might be like. I wanted him to have been around long enough not to be shaped by the morals or beliefs that have created our society as it is today, but to be the product of a far older one, so that he would continually have to be adapting to survive, acknowledging our world, but at the same time never entirely in tune with it. But he also had to be enjoying his immortality and not racked with guilt about past choices he had made.

So there it is. I hope other people have as much fun reading ‘Sophronia and the Vampire’ as I did writing it. I am working on a sequel and hope to be publishing it soon as Sophronia has a few more adventures in her yet. Many thanks to Sara for giving a spot on her guest blog.

Sophronia and the Vampiresophroniaandthevampire333x500

Sophronia and the Vampire Book One

Jacqueline Farrell

Genre: paranormal romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press

ISBN: 9781616503918

Number of pages: 230

Word Count: 87000

Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

Book Description:

It’s been a while since witches had to worry about being burnt at the stake…

Forty-nine, English and a professional crone, Sophronia is touring America when she is forced to spend the night at a run-down motel on the Californian coast. Her expectations aren’t high- – if the bed’s clean and the toilet flushes she’ll count herself lucky. But events are about to become far more interesting. The motel owner is a juvenile witch unaware of her heritage and in dire need of help, especially when vampires turn up…

BN Amazon iTunes ARe LyricalPress

About the Author :

author photoI live in the UK with my husband, two sons, two cats and a dog. I am a French and English teacher which I love and it pays the bills, but I got hooked on writing when I entered a short story competition at the age of eighteen and wrote of my own free will without a homework deadline looming. I’ve been waiting for the impulse to wear off ever since…

I wrote this story when I was coming up to my 50th and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I love the vampire/paranormal genre – Buffy and Sookie in particular – but there comes a time when you just can’t identify with gorgeous, pert twenty-somethings any more and it seems a little undignified to even want to. I also love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels about Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg – two of the wiliest crones in the business – but wanted something a little more glamorous and contemporary; I can only take so much stuff with the frogs and the cauldrons. When it comes to supernatural powers I’ve always preferred Julian May’s metapsychics in the Saga of the Exiles, so that’s how Sophronia was created. Hagen was easy.

Obviously heroes can’t be murderers, but I wanted a vampire who wasn’t wracked with guilt over his diet and who seemed to be having fun being an immortal. I hope people will enjoy reading SOPHRONIA AND THE VAMPIRE as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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#Author #Interview with Bella Andre #thesullivans author

sullivan tour badgePlease enjoy this interview with Bella Andre, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of the contemporary romance series, The Sullivans. Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including special romantic swag baskets for each book, an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Kobo eReader, and Amazon and iTunes gift cards!

 Interview with Bella Andre

about her writing habits and success

1. Tell us about writing and publishing your very first novel. What were your expectations when you first waded into the self-publishing pond? Is there anything you would do differently if given another chance?

I honestly had no expectations other than some of my loyal readers would finally get a chance to read my book – and that was enough for me. Meeting so many new readers and fans has been icing on a cake I had no idea was being served.

2. You’re an icon in the indie publishing community. Your success is something we all aspire to. What do you believe has been the greatest contributing factor to the success of your novels?

Thank you, that’s lovely to hear. I’ve so enjoyed self-publishing these past couple of years, and I’ve been lucky to have the most wonderful fans with me every step of the way. There are so many things that go into success, but I think my focus and determination – along with the best readers in the world – have been the biggest factors.

3. What was your reaction when you first found out you broke onto the New York Times and USA Today best-sellers’ lists? How did you celebrate?

Actually, it’s kind of a funny story. I was on my way to the RWA National conference last summer and was sitting in the airport in Albany, New York when I found out I had three books on the USA Today bestsellers list. I called my husband and we had a mini celebration on the phone. I flew into Atlanta where I was switching planes for Anaheim, and when we landed I turned on my phone and checked my email. An agent (not mine, I was agentless at the time) had emailed me with the title “CONGRATULATIONS, New York Times!” That was when I found out I also had three books on the New York Times bestseller list…and I started crying. On the airplane. With a very conservative woman sitting next to me. She must have thought I was losing it, because she promptly turned her back on me. :) Of course I called my husband and cried happy tears some more. That night when I got into Anaheim, all of my closest writing friends came up to my room and we celebrated. It was AWESOME!

4. You’ve recently shared some very exciting news—Harlequin MIRA has optioned the print rights for The Sullivans in a record-breaking seven-figure deal. Congratulations! How did this transpire? And how does it affect your writing and publishing plans?

Thank you, I’m beyond thrilled about it and Harlequin have been a dream to work with. They are so incredibly enthusiastic about putting The Sullivans out in paperback in English all over the world, with a simultaneous launch in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia starting this June and going back-to-back each month with the first eight books through April 2014.

My ebook sales numbers for the self-published Sullivan series had been growing bigger and bigger in the year since I’d started publishing the series, and I knew a print-only deal was going to happen soon. When so many Sullivans hit the New York Times and USA Today all at once, that was when the publishers started calling and making offers. I truly feel that Harlequin is the *perfect* publisher for my sexy, emotional contemporary romance Sullivan series.

Because I retained all of my ebook, audiobook, foreign translation and film/TV rights, I am continuing to put out my Sullivans, and other future books, as self-published ebooks and audio books. I have released seven Sullivan ebooks so far and the eighth (ALWAYS ON MY MIND, Lori Sullivan’s story) will be out this spring…and I have a great idea for a brand new series that I hope to start writing this year as well. I have licensed the series in Brazil, France and Portugal so far, and the first two books are already big bestsellers in Brazil, which is very exciting.

5. You write fast! Not only do you produce several novels per year, you produce several well written, polished novels per year. What is your writing process like? Do you have any advice for other wordsmiths struggling with productivity?

Thanks for the great compliment. I work so hard on my stories to make sure they’re emotional and fun and sexy and that they take my readers out of their lives for a little while. I write every day, everywhere, no matter what. I don’t wait for inspiration or a muse to come calling. Fortunately, my favorite thing is writing. In fact, today as I was sniffling over my keyboard during a really emotional scene between my hero and heroine, I was thinking how very happy it made me to be able to write books all day…and to know that I have the best fans in the world waiting to read them!

6. In the early days, what did you do to market your books? Would you recommend these strategies to writers in today’s market?

I took a really personal approach. Because I had started digital publishing in response to my readers who had emailed asking me for books, whenever I released a book, I individually emailed each and every single reader to let them know about it. Now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I can interact with my readers in other ways that let me spend more time on actually writing, and I recommend doing anything that puts you in touch with your readers.

7. How has making it big changed your approach to writing and marketing your work? Has it changed your approach?

I truly believe that my fans want me to spend more time writing and less time gabbing. :) So I always err on the side of writing…and then once I’ve met my page count goals for the day, I go onto twitter and Facebook and answer emails.

8. You’ve connected with a large international fan base. Do readers abroad respond differently to your novels than those in the USA? Which countries in particular have fallen in love with your work?

I’m having a love affair with my Brazilian readers, and I also love love love my Australia/New Zealand, UK and Canadian readers as well! They’re so passionate and supportive of The Sullivans – but I’ve been really fortunate to find readers everywhere have been kind and amazing.

9. You attend a lot of conferences. Recently, you delivered the keynote address at the 2012 Book Expo America. How have conferences contributed to your writing career?

Conferences are an amazing opportunity to stay abreast of what’s happening in the business. I get incredible value out of networking in the lounge and hearing what people are up to and what ideas they have. The thing is, I truly love this business and everyone I’ve met had been wonderful…so it’s really not work at all for me. In fact, going to a conference and meeting with people is always such fun.

10. My, you are a busy bee! How do you find balance between writing, publishing, and promoting your books and the rest of your life? Any tips for the rest of us?

Give up sleep and sanity…and have an awesome husband who is happy to take care of absolutely everything non-book-related in your life! :) But seriously – get a good team behind you. I have a team of beta readers, editors, proofers and digital file producers, I work with great bloggers, and I also have the love and support of my family. Everyone thinks “indie publishing” means being independent, but it’s not the case at all. While you get to be charge of your own career and your own vision, you also work with tons of great people to put your book out there!

fall in love

The Sullivans are on tour with Novel Publicity. Follow along for your chance to win amazing prizes. We’ve got special romantic swag baskets for each book, an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Kobo eReader, and Amazon and iTunes gift cards. WOW!

You’ll also get introduced to this amazing contemporary romance series via excerpts as well as interviews with and guest posts from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Bella Andre. You’ll definitely want to learn more about the family that has captured the world’s heart.

All the info you need to join the fun and enter to win amazing prizes is RIGHT HERE. Remember, winning is as easy as clicking a button or leaving a blog comment–easy to enter; easy to win!

To Win the Prizes:

  1. Purchase any of the Sullivan ebooks by Bella Andre for just $4.99 (optional)
  2. Enter the Rafflecopter contest on Novel Publicity (go here)
  3. Visit today’s featured social media event (that’s where the HUGE prizes are)

About The SullivansIn this sexy, emotional and funny contemporary romance series, each member of the Sullivan family will eventually find true love…usually where he or she least expects it.

Get the eBooks via Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes & Noblethe iBookStore, or the Kobo Store.

Audiobooks are also available for the first five in the series (with more coming soon). Plus, keep an eye out for paperback editions coming from Harlequin Romance starting Summer 2013.



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book coverST: How did you get into writing? 

BD: First of all, I’d like to thank Sara for this opportunity!

I have been writing, in some form or another, all my life. It was something that attracted me early on and has yet to let go. I have been making a living at it since my senior year of high school, more or less, and that was a while ago.

ST: What is your favorite thing about being a writer? 

BD: The main thing is that it’s simple. You don’t need a lot of tools, you don’t really even need an audience (although having one is nice). To be an actor, someone has to hire you to act. To be an athlete, you need a team. To be a writer you just need some paper, a pencil and a bit of time. It’s faster with a laptop, though.

ST: How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

BD: I just like to think about the possibilities presented by various stories. At any given time I have a half dozen or so ideas in various stages of gestation. Some of them can take years to come to fruition, some never amount to anything. Eventually, when one becomes solid enough, I start plotting it out more carefully and begin to “meet” the characters in my head.

ST: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced with being a writer?

BD: Just staying with a particular story can be hard, especially when it can take months or even years to finish. There is limited time to pursue multiple stories, at least for me, so I have to be careful to try to pick ideas that I can live with over a long period of time.

ST: How did you choose the genre you write?

BD: I’ve always been interested in monsters and the paranormal, so it was pretty easy to move into that neighborhood. I have written some other things outside the paranormal genre, but they generally weren’t as much fun. I find the paranormal world to be more flexible in enabling writers to hold up a mirror to the real world.

ST: Do you do a lot of research prior to writing your stories?

BD: Yes, usually, or I at least pick locales and situations I’m somewhat familiar with. For “Mama Lona’s Man” I did a good bit of research on both zombies and Navy SEALS, although, to be truthful, I threw a lot of it out the window for the sake of the story. If I’m trying to write something entertaining, I don’t always try to make it as accurate as a documentary.

ST: How long does it take to finish a book?

BD: Anywhere from eight months to a year. I write fiction in my spare time and I tend to do a lot of rewriting, so it takes me a while.

ST: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

BD: Photography is the main one. I like to take pictures wherever I go. I have also gotten into indie filmmaking, which kind of combines my interests in writing and photography.

ST: What is in your to be read pile?

BD: Well, I just got a book about Vivian Maier, a fantastic street photographer who photographed for decades but got no attention until after she died. It’s mostly a book of her photos, but contains some information about her life as well. And I just started reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. I’m taking my time sinking into that one, I have the feeling I’ll be living there for a while!

ST: Could you name one favorite quote?

 BD: My favorite literary quote is from Paul Bowles’ “The Sheltering Sky” — “Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well, yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more, perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.”

Again, thanks to Sara for this opportunity!


Mama Lona’s ManMLM_Cover
The Straw Man Series Book One


Brett O’Neal Davis


Genre: Paranormal Romance


ISBN: 9781301347049




Number of pages: 219


Word Count: 74,000


Cover Artist: Cate Meyers


Smashwords Amazon

Book Description:

Mama Lona’s Man combines a Caribbean love story with a zombie thriller. It’s a bit James Bond, a bit “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and a dash of “Night of the Living Dead.

The leading man is a ex-Navy SEAL controlled by a witch doctor. When he meets an American girl caught up in island intrigue, they fall in love even though he’s been dead longer than she’s been alive.

Extended description from Smashwords

Mama Lona’s Man” is a fast-moving, funny, sometimes bittersweet tale about a young woman who meets the love of her life, only there’s one hitch: He’s lost his life and become a zombie. As Rolling Stone once said about Jim Morrison, the title character of this novel is hot, sexy, and dead.

Abigail Callisto is a brilliant, troubled college student living in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. When her father’s shadowy government employer sends him to the Caribbean to tamp down a pending coup attempt on the small island nation of Petit Royale, she goes along so he can also keep an eye on her and keep her out of trouble. She thinks it’s a lark; she has no idea her life is about to change forever.

Petit Royale is governed by the jovial but corrupt Marcos Verriera, whose brother, Abraham, has long sought to replace him as president. Abigail’s father has operatives on the island; they tell him that Marcos has gone around the bend and is kidnapping children, possibly for sex trafficking. What the operatives don’t tell him is that they are actually working for Abraham and they are the ones actually doing the kidnapping. The children aren’t harmed, but are held so Abraham can pretend to release them and be a hero.

To try to sway Abigail’s father to their side, the operatives decide to kidnap Abigail. They drug her in the night and carry her to the gates of the presidential mansion, where they set her down. They know that Abraham’s militia is moving in that night and they want Abigail to be among those rescued. It doesn’t quite work out that way.

Petit Royale has its own special version of the bogeyman: A spectral figure known only as Mama Lona’s man. He’s a ghost who has been known to deal murderous vengeance on those who abuse children. The plan is for Abraham’s men to dispense with Marcos Verriera and blame his disappearance on Mama Lona’s Man.

Abigail is discovered by the presidential guards and brought into the mansion, where President Marcos Verriera himself questions her. He knows what his brother is up to, and he knows that having a kidnapped American girl in his house is not a good thing for him. Suddenly shooting erupts and he runs away, leaving Abigail to fend for herself. She crawls into the interior of the mansion, trying to get away, only to find herself in the middle of a gun battle between Marcos’ men and Abraham’s men.

She’s trying to figure a way out of it when something amazing happens. A man walks right through the fight, as if it’s not happening, and begins looking for Marcos Verriera. Abigail watches as he gets shot several times and not only survives but barely seems to notice. He’s a good-looking young white man, not much older than her own 20 years.

He sees Abigail, and, recognizing a damsel in distress, takes her along as he searches the mansion. Abigail is amazed to see him shot a couple more times as he makes his way in pursuit of Marcos Verriera, who has fled down a secret hallway that leads to the ocean. The man manages to catch his boat just before it leaves, and he quickly blows something in the president’s face that knocks him out cold. He does the same to Abigail, only she doesn’t inhale and only pretends to be unconscious so she can study him. He leaves her on a public beach and takes the president away.

She makes her way back to her hotel where her father is angry that she has been out, suspecting her of partying. When she tells him her story, they realize she has seen the mysterious Mama Lona’s man, something akin to spotting Bigfoot. He wants to find the shadowy Mama Lona and discover if her man really did kill the president. Abigail just wants to see him again.

About the Author

author imageBrett O’Neal Davis is a native of Florence, Ala., and attended the same high school as Sam Phillips, who discovered Elvis Presley. He studied journalism at the University of North Alabama and the University of Missouri, writing about music whenever possible. He also briefly “fronted” the one-man punk band Screwhead. Despite clearing $1.50 in profit on consignment sales of the band’s lone album at Salt of the Earth Records in Columbia, Mo., he turned to the slightly more stable world of aerospace and defense journalism, working today in the field of unmanned systems and robotics in Washington, D.C.

He is the author of four science fiction and fantasy novels, all published by Baen Books. The first, The Faery Convention, was listed among the best fantasy novels for 1995 by Science Fiction Chronicle, and Two Tiny Claws was named to the 2000 Books for the Teen Age List by the New York Public Library. An occasional panelist at area science fiction conventions, he also has discussed fiction writing at National Press Club events and at literary festivals, including the annual T.S. Stribling celebration at the University of North Alabama. Mama Lona’s Man is his first foray into paranormal romance, but it won’t be the last.


I got the chance to review this book as part of the Bewitching Blog Tours event. The title intrigued me and I decided to give it a chance. I can admit it was nothing like what I’d expected. The first scene of the book had nothing to do with the plot of the book. I spent the entire time trying to figure out why the author would open with that scene. I understand the relevance of trying to show what Mama Lona’s Man is like, but it didn’t fit with the overall story line.

Another thing I noticed pretty soon into the book is that the author expects the reader to know more about the story than he’s provided. I’m assuming he’s meant to have the story be intriguing by leaving some secrets hidden, but the overall effect didn’t come off very well. The story line is a good one. I love voodoo and zombies, yet the idea of a woman falling so quickly into love with a zombie really turned me off. Not because he was a zombie, but because the author goes into such detail on how dead-like the man is. It was kind of creepy.

The story progressed awkwardly for me. There was no intrigue. The author provided the answers for each problem just shortly after it arrived, without allowing the reader time to adjust to the situation. The plot itself seemed a bit boring. We’re thrown into a civil war, without knowing anything about the place that’s being destroyed, and without any reason to care about the people who are causing such trouble. I also found the double agent scenes a bit out of reach. The author throws in random surprises, but it doesn’t help build the story up. It rather just gives the reader too much coincidence.

If I had to rate this book, I would have to give it a 2 and a half. It would be a great story, with a lot of rewriting and tightening of the plot, dialogue and character development.

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#New Year Same Me

Naughty new year's blog hopHappy New Year’s Ya’ll! I hope everyone had a blast partying it up. Hopefully you took one extra shot for little ole me. This is my addition to the wonderful Naughty New Year’s blog hop. For everyone who doesn’t know me, I’m always a naughty lady. That could explain why I’m now currently expecting baby number 4! Yeah, I know what causes this torturous nine months of alcoholic abstinence but it’s too much fun to stop! Besides, I love kids. Guess that’s good huh?

sexy happy new yearThis year, I’ve decided to give up on New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I’m planning to have goals, dreams and ambitions. My goals are simple. To be healthy and happy, to be able to give back as much to my friends and fans as they do for me, and to be successful at achieving my dream of being a great writer. What’s naughty about that? Umm, not much, except that my writing profession revolves around hot stories with lots of steamy sex. You have to have a naughty mind for that line of work. To give youmade for her a taste of what I do, I’m giving one lucky commenter a free copy of my erotica story, Made for Her. What’s better than having a perfect man, designed to make all your sexual fantasies come true? Finding out he’s so real that he’s yours forever. Be sure to comment on this blog and stop by to like my fan page on FB for your chance to win.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

If my prize isn’t enough, there’s also two GRAND PRIZES:

edenfantasyA  $100 gift card to EdenFantasy




and a digital gift basket of 10 erotica books.

Click the blog link to check out the other participating blogs! With over two hundred blogs participating, everyone should be able to win something!



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#Spoil yourself! Falling in #Love with the Sullivans

Did you get a new eReader for Christmas, and are now looking for something awesome to read? Or, maybe you didn’t get anything good and want to spoil yourself a little with the chance to win that coveted eReader, some major gift cards, or other awesome prizes. Maybe you just need to relax after hurry-scurrying around all season. Well…
Wouldn’t it be nice to take a long hot bath or snuggle under your favorite blanket with a great read? Sounds like the perfect day, right? Hey, we can offer you something even better than that.

In fact, we can offer you something seven times better!

For starters, we can offer you up to seven review copies of Bella Andre’s New York Times and USA Today best-selling contemporary romance series The Sullivans.

We’ll introduce you to—not just one, but—each and every member of the Sullivan family on their quests to find happiness. Even though most of them aren’t even really looking for love, it has a way of finding them anyway. These sexy, emotional and funny novels will nurse all your literary and metaphorical desires. You’ll laugh and cry right along with the characters, and get hooked into these great stories right from the very first page. They even take place in lovely California, giving you the opportunity to travel by proxy and escape the windy winter doldrums.

What’s that you say? The books sound awesome, but you’re not sure why you have to join the tour to enjoy their awesomeness? There are so many reasons to sign-up. Since there are seven books (so far) in The Sullivans series and seven that will be taking part in this extraordinarily large tour, let’s stay right on theme and discuss seven reasons why you need to join the fun, pronto.

CLICK ME What are you waiting for? Go sign-up now!

The perks

Not only will you get to read a great novel—or two, or three, or seven—but you’ll also get…

1. The opportunity to network with other bloggers and avid readers.

2. The option to host a guest post, excerpt or interview with best-selling author Bella Andre. This will bring new readers to your blog AND give you content for your blog—what’s better, a post you didn’t even have to write yourself. If your New Year looks as hectic as mine, having a guest post is almost as good as reading an awesome book… because it means I’ll have TIME to READ that great book.

3. The chance to interact directly with the author through a number of social media activities, discussions, and awesome giveaways .

But wait, there’s more!

4. Literally, there are more books. If you love The Sullivans, you can find half a dozen more books just waiting for your eager hands and mind. AND REVIEW COPIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL SEVEN! WOWZA!

5. Kick start your New Year’s resolution to read more! Plus you get hours of entertainment absolutely free—you may even win something (which makes the deal even sweeter).

6. The Sullivans will make you fall in love. You’ll love the writing, the humor, the characters, and the stories. You might even find hope for true love within these pages.

7. If you’ve ever wished for your own happy ending—heck, even if you’ve already found it—there’s something in each of these novels you’ll be able to identify with. We all know life isn’t perfect, and the Sullivans know that too. They’re so real, reading the book is almost like watching a movie or watching somebody’s real life unfold right in front of your eyes.

Did I forget to mention the prizes?

The prizes are ridonkulous. We’ve got romantic swag baskets, hundreds of dollars gift cards, an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, AND a Sony eReader to name a few.

Well I guess there’s just one more reason to join us on the biggest tour Novel Publicity has ever put together. More books, more bloggers, more buzz and, of course, more prizes!

CLICK ME  What are you waiting for? Go sign-up now!

Sullivan Tour BadgeOh, did you want specific details?

Learn what all the buzz is about when you receive review copies of the first 7 books in this on-going series. Read one, or read them all. Or, you could host an excerpt, interview, or guest post instead–and we’ll even put that together for you.

Tour Dates:  January 7 to 20, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Page Count: approx 300 pages each

CAUTION: Explicit language, very steamy love scenes…and lots of emotion!

The Prizes:

* iPad Mini

* Kindle Fire

* Nook Color

* Kobo eReader

* $100 Amazon gift cards (7 prizes)

* $50 Amazon gift cards (2 prizes)

* $25 Amazon gift cards (8 prizes)

* $20 iTunes gift cards (10 prizes)

* Custom prize baskets for EACH of the 7 books–including items such as wine gift set, silver bracelets, romantic photo books and photo frames, eReader and smart phone skins, and MUCH, MUCH more!

…and we’ve got special prizes just for participating bloggers

Read summaries and excerpts on the sign-up page.

CLICK ME What are you waiting for? Go sign-up now!


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Blood Shadows #guestblogger

Blood Shadows Tour Button 300 x 225Letting Vampires Evolve by Lindsay J. Pryor

Two months ago my first book was published. It’s hard for me to believe that the Blackthorn series, for which I signed a three-book deal, is almost sixteen years in the making.

I didn’t work intently on it all that time. It was more a background project, a secret passion, as I worked full-time whilst managing other writing projects in my spare time – ones I thought might actually get me published one day. That was the thing with Blackthorn – I thought no one would ever get it. I didn’t believe anyone would ever be into my kind of dark, dangerously-close-to-the-edge vampire heroes nor my dystopian world that felt more like a horror than a romance at times.

The series was inspired when I’d left the comfort and safety of my family’s home to take up my first teaching post – moving to a big city over 300 miles away from everything I knew. Walking home one night, I got lost in a very isolated and run-down part of the city. Iron bars were on windows. Metal shutters were on doors. The place was dead. I was terrified, but the idea for Blackthorn was born – dark paranormal stories set in an urban, gritty backdrop of social unrest, where vampires brushed shoulders with humans. I’d have a dystopian world where humans were calling the shots, where there was segregation and prejudice.

Over the years, Blackthorn took on more and more of a life of its own as I developed notebooks full of plotlines, characterisations and background information. I thought I’d get bored, but the ideas and the potential just kept coming. A whole multi-layered world took shape – a world that became vividly tangible to me. What I ended up with was a very clear vision for the series: In an imaginary future, the world is controlled by humans who rule over vampires with an iron fist. Society is divided and ‘third species’ are both feared and discriminated against. Additional seeds of unrest are sown by whispers of a vampire prophecy foretelling the overthrow of the human regime. Blackthorn itself is the most impoverished of several administrative districts – a real melting pot for vampires, lycans and humans – and a subsequent hive of social unrest.

This shady and dystopian location developed into a backdrop for dark and intense romances focusing claustrophobically on the hero and heroine who, incidentally, had no place falling in love with each other – forbidden romances that will not only impact on the fate of humankind, but also on the fate of the ‘third species’ who have spent far too long waiting for their time.

Sixteen years on, finally getting these books into readers’ hands has been immense. My stories aren’t for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure. But for those who aren’t afraid to visit the darker side of paranormal, the first in the series has been met with glowing reviews with Blood Shadows, the first book in the Blackthorn series, already making it into the top 100 Paranormal and Fantasy Romances on Goodreads. That’ll teach me to think no one would ever get it.

 Check it out!

Blood Shadowstimthumb2.php

Blackthorn Series Book One
Lindsay J. Pryor

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781909490000


Number of pages: 380

Word Count: 117,000

Cover Artist: Henry Steadman

Book Trailer:

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Barnes and Noble Sony ebooks

Book Description:

For vengeance – would you trust a vampire?

For justice – could you betray your family?

For love – are you ready to question everything you believe in?

Gifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings, Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’s most powerful agent. Despite that, her mission to hunt down Kane Malloy – a master vampire – comes with a death wish. Many have tried, but few have survived.

For Caitlin, tracking Kane is about more than just professional reputation. With her parents both mysteriously killed 7 years apart to the day, Caitlin knows that without Kane’s help she is next.

She has four days to make a deal with the wicked, the irresistible, the treacherous Kane Malloy. The vampire who despises everything she stands for.
Or die.
You can read the first three chapters on Scribd for free:

Check Out What Readers Have to Say About Blood Shadows:

“Lindsay J. Pryor easily earns a place alongside Paranormal Romance’s best writers!” ~ Michele Hauf
“An incredible voice for paranormal.” ~ Rhyannon Byrd

“I drooled on my keyboard.”

“Wow! This is just soooo good.”

“Utterly captivating.”

“Flawless, tight, sensual, electrifying!”

“Tell Kane he can have my soul RIGHT NOW!”

“Every moment was dripping with tension.”

“I forgot to blink.”

“Girl, you can WRITE! And you can write sexxxy!”


“I nearly fainted when he removed her belt.”

“The sexual tension is off the charts.”

“After Kenyon’s Zarek, I thought I’d never fall for another bad boy again…”

“Jaw-droppingly good… I’d want to shout ‘Bite Me!’”

timthumb.phpAbout the Author:

Lindsay J. Pryor is a British Paranormal Romance author who writes dark, intense stories set in the dystopian world of Blackthorn.

Her trademark powerful vampire heroes and utterly combustible sensual romances have earned Lindsay comparisons with both J.R Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

A finalist in Mills & Boon’s New Voices competition in both 2010 and 2011, Lindsay has already proved a smash hit with readers.

Comments like “Utterly captivating”, “Jaw-droppingly good”, “Awesome”, “I forgot to blink”, “The sexual tension is off the charts”, “I nearly fainted when he removed her belt”, “I drooled on my keyboard” and even “Tell Kane he can have my soul RIGHT NOW!” convinced Lindsay she just might have what it took to become a published author.

With the launch of Blood Shadows, that dream is now a reality.  Her journey to published author though has been a long one.
Lindsay has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality. She thought she’d grow out of it but hasn’t yet.

Despite years of bashing out stories on an old typewriter, it was the death of her father in 2007 that finally convinced Lindsay to try and become a published author.

One of the last things my dad said to me was to do what I wanted to do in life. After he passed away, I pulled out all my scribbles from over the years and got back to writing what I loved most – paranormal romance.”

If reviews are anything to go by, it was a journey well worth making.

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Meet the Sullivans #bookreview #amreading

I’m participating in a HUGE blog tour, hosted by Novel PubliciSullivan Tour Badgety. This tour is major, with a ton of awesome prizes, and the chance to be introduced to some great bloggers. The Sullivan series follows one large family, and each book is about one sibling falling in love. The good thing about this series, besides the great sex scenes, incredible emotions and wonderful characters is that it’s not required to read them in order. I started with Book 3, continued with Book 4 and skipped to Book 1 for my third choice. At my current rate, I’m finishing a book a day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be suffering from withdrawals when I finish the series! Now, before I give my review on Book 3, Can’t Help Falling In Love, I want to let everyone know what’s up for grabs just by participating in this tour.

The Prizes:

* iPad Mini
* Kindle Fire
* Nook Color
* Kobo eReader
* $100 Amazon gift cards (7 prizes)
* $50 Amazon gift cards (2 prizes)
* $25 Amazon gift cards (8 prizes)
* $20 iTunes gift cards (10 prizes)
* Custom prize baskets for EACH of the 7 books–including items such as wine gift set, silver bracelets, romantic photo books and photo frames, eReader and smart phone skins, and MUCH, MUCH more!

If you’re a fellow blogger and want to join in on such a huge tour, check out Novel Publicity. There’s prizes up for grabs for every blogger involved as well. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time, don’t ya think?

My Thoughts:

I started reading this book to ease a case of boredom. By page 20, I was hooked and couldn’t stop. I heard a lot of complaining from my husband and children because I refused to leave my computer until I’d reached THE END. The entire book took me two hours to read and I couldn’t wait to get started with the next book. The author did a wonderful job of creating a believable story, with memorable characters. I’m an avid reader and I rarely find characters with such depth, that I can actually relate to. I enjoyed watching sexy firefighter Gabe fall for conservative Megan and her spunky daughter Summer. As a female who had to go through a brief stint of being a single mom, I really appreciated the way the author showed the struggles of a young mom, who was reluctant to start a relationship, for fear of how it would impact her young daughter.

Gabe is a woman’s dream man. He loves children, and goes out of his way to include little Summer in the outings with him and Megan. I’m a sucker for men who love children, and have a high respect for any man who can take on the responsibility of another person’s child. Gabe was easy to fall in love with. Not only was he a great father figure but an incredible lover. The sex scenes in this story are super hot and erotic, without being trashy or unbelievable. My temperature certainly rose a few degrees after finishing just one of these books. By the time I’m finished with the whole series, it may take more than a cool shower and chilly weather to keep me from getting brain damage.

On a scale of one to five, I’d give this story a straight five, which is rare for me since I’m always finding some fault with every story I read. This is definitely a book I’d recommend buying.

BLURB: Cover-3-Cant-Help-Falling-In-Love-196x300

Gabe Sullivan risks his life every day as a firefighter in San Francisco. But after learning a brutal lesson about professional boundaries, he knows better than to risk his heart to his fire victims ever again. Especially the brave mother and daughter he saved from a deadly apartment fire…and can’t stop thinking about.

Megan Harris knows she owes the heroic firefighter everything for running into a burning building to save her and her seven-year-old daughter. Everything except her heart. Because after losing her navy pilot husband five years ago, she has vowed to never suffer through loving – and losing – a man with a dangerous job again.

Only, when Gabe and Megan meet again and uncontrollable flames of desire ignite between them, how can he possibly ignore her courage, determination, and beauty? And how can she deny not only his strong bond with her daughter…but the way his sweetly sensual kisses are challenging her to risk everything she’s been guarding for so long?

This winter, if one – or both – of them aren’t careful, they just might end up falling in love.

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Candy Cane Kink Giveaway Hop


Welcome to the Candy Cane Kink Giveaway Hop. I love blog hops because it gives people a chance to meet new people, find new authors and win great prizes! There are over 137 different blogs participating this year, which means everyone should win something. Take some time out to check out the other great blogs and their wonderful prizes. I’m offering a SFSfree e-book to one lucky commenter. My stories are primarily paranormal romance, although I do have two erotica short stories. Come check out a Sexy Santa who gets sex in exchange for getting back on the good list, a vengeance demon who knocks up men, or a castle filled with fairies, vampires, unicorns and more! Share this post with friends and get my Sexy Santa story for free! To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below, listing your favorite part of the holiday, run over to my Facebook fanpage and hit like and let me know you’ve come from the Candy Cane Kink Blog Hop!

Check out these other great blogs!



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2012 Christmas Blog Hop

ImageWelcome to my second attempt at the Christmas Blog Hop, hosted by Intoxicated By Books. To try and get me into the Christmas spirit, and to help promote my new books, I’ve decided to join in to the blog hop. Be sure to stop at the other participating blogs to increase your chances of winning. To show my generosity for all who stop by, I’m offering my Christmas ebook, Sex for Santa, for free to anyone who comments on my post. Those who direct others to my blog will get a coupon for either of my paranormal romance novels for just $0.99. That’s $3 off the regular price. Now, one lucky winner will get a free copy of either book. If you’re selected as the winner, I’ll direct you to a page where you can read and select which book you like. Hope everyone has fun! Keep reading for a blurb to my new paranormal novel, A Woman’s Revenge. And to get your code for Sex For SantaSex for Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!

Here are all the links to other participating blogs:
1. Intoxicated by Books                                       11. Amethyst Daydreams
2. Ashley Lavering                                               12. Romance, Rumors, Rogues
3. Forbidden Reviews                                          13. Gracen Miller @ Road to Hell series
4. Close Encounters with the Night Kind              14. MIsfits and Heroes
5. Aine @ Hose Millar                                        15. Sunday S. Smith
6. Natasha Blackthorne                                       16.My life, One story at a time
7. My Book Chatter                                            17. Better Read than Dead
8. JC Martin                                                       18. Cecilia Robert
9. Beck Valley Books                                         19. Casey Crow

The coupon to get my sexy Christmas story for free is…VV23W. Just click on the picture above and pick your format.

A Womans' RevengeA Woman’s Revenge:

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Paranormal and Demonic Research Agent Jaxon Diego gets a first hand experience of this when he and his partner cross paths with a vengeance demon, with a twisted form of justice. Mikala targets married men who abandon their families for other women, and she infects them. Over the course of a short time, the man experiences symptoms of pregnancy, from cravings and morning sickness, to horny urges and swelling feet. In the end, they pay…with their lives.

Manly-man Jaxon becomes a victim and has to rely on Empath and Healer Dr. Mandi Thompson to discover what is going on and how to save him. As the clock ticks down, Mandi realizes that keeping Jaxon alive has become more than a professional task. She’s fallen in love with the jaded Special Agent and will do anything to keep him safe.

Can Jaxon get past his stubborn values and take the chance on love before it’s too late? Or is Mandi doomed to remain in Rianza forever, a lonely recluse?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Back to the Blogasphere

As I work on promoting my new books, I realized it’s been almost a year since I’ve published anything to my blog. Time has flown by and I’ve went through some dramatic changes. My mind has become full circle back to my passion of writing. I’ve just published four books, two novels and two short erotica stories. I’ve chosen the self-publishing route once again and hope it pays off. In addition to these books, I’ve also managed to finish the one novel which has plagued me since the beginning of my writing career. With it came the blank slate of not knowing where to go next. However, I refuse to allow myself to bask in my accomplishments and I’m hard at work on finishing the revisions for my first ever Suspense/Thriller. With luck, I’ll have both of these books ready to be released to the public before the end of the year.

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday, and the publishing of my work, I’m giving away a free copy of my short Erotica Christmas story to anyone who comments on this post. And that’s not all…One lucky winner will get a choice of either of my Paranormal Romance novels. Pregnant men, or a sexy bodyguard. Which would you choose? If you don’t win, don’t be dismayed. For a limited time, each of my books are on sale for just $0.99! Be sure to follow my blog and leave your email in the comments box for your chance to win. And share with your friends! Everyone loves a sexy, naughty Santa!

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