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#Blog Hop for Twice Cursed

Twice Cursed Button 300 x 225TWICE CURSED





ISBN: 0988439603


 Number of pages: 310

Word Count: 111,000



 Book Description:

book cover Psychic investigator, Lily Saburi is no stranger to the supernatural. Tough as nails, she’s a hunter in her own right, a once self-proclaimed vigilante that has joined forces with the man she once sought to kill, and now can’t live without. Sexy, Sean Leighton, Alpha of the Brethren of Weres. Their passion surpassed every obstacle set in front of them, yet in the wake of a mysterious virus threatening everyone they love, they are embroiled in an unforgiving scheme of political double dealing, hidden agendas and assassination, with Lily and Sean as primary targets. To stay together, they are forced apart.

But treachery follows hard on Lily’s heels when she returns home to find New York City bathed in a series of bloodbaths. Baffled, the police have no leads, so they call in their last line of defense to work the case. Lily.

Thrown together with homicide detective, Ryan Martinez, dangerous sparks fly as the two uncover the undead truth behind the killings. Long hidden secrets are revealed, as are truths too unbelievable to accept when Lily is kidnapped and Sean and Ryan have to work together to find her.

Revenge and the struggle for power all play a part in this urban fantasy suspense, taking you from the rocky coast of Maine to the heart of New York City, the NYPD and the vampire underground, where Weres and Vampires are forced to work together to solve the mystery of what’s tearing their veiled world apart from the inside out.

About the Author:

authorMarianne Morea is a New Yorker, born and bred, and for the most part her stories and characters embody the grit and complexity of the city. An avid traveler, she uses her experiences from around the world in all her books. There isn’t a place her characters live or travel that she haven’t been herself, and through her words, tries to transport my readers. Like most authors, her love affair with the written word started as a child with the books she read. Even today, she loves to read almost as much as she loves to write. Marianne’s favorite stories are the ones that transport her, that bring her to places and introduces her to characters that leave readers breathless…the ones that spark the fire of her imagination, allowing her to dream in the world of‘what if?’She’s always been a scribbler, and from the time she could write her name, Marianne has been making up stories. So it was no surprise to family and friends when she earned degrees in both Journalism and Fine Art, but after working in the trenches of Madison Avenue as a Graphic Artist, she decided to do what she loves most fulltime.Write.

Her dark paranormal romance,Blood Legacy, is the first book in her Legacy Series, and takes you from New York City to the Costa del la Luz in Spain, to foggy London and the romance of Rome. The story also takes you back in time 300 years to a place rife with conflict and brutality, bringing an historical edge to my vampires, their lives, a love that spanned the centuries and the search for absolution and redemption that carries death in its wake.Hunter’s BloodandTwice Cursed are books one and two in Marianne Morea’s contemporary shifter series,Cursed by Blood. The story is set on the east coast of the U.S., taking you from the rocky coast of Maine to the heart of New York City, the NYPD and the vampire underground. Revenge and the struggle for power all play a part in this urban fantasy suspense, where Weres and Vampires are forced to work together to solve the mystery of what’s tearing their veiled world apart from the inside out.

In the meantime Marianne is also a founding member as well as a former President of The Paranormal Romance Guild,a not-for-profit organization for readers and authors of the genre. She’s now a PRG Board Member and Co-Chair of the PRG Event/Marketing Team. She is still writing, and when not sitting‘bichok’ (but in a chair hands on keyboard), she’s spending time with her husband and three kids, traveling to exciting, romantic places …for inspiration, of course! Who says dreams can’t come true?






Tour Wide Giveaway

 2 US prize packs with signed copies of Hunter’s Blood and Twice Cursed along with the water bottle and tote bag

 3 international prize packs featuring both ebooks with Kindlegraph signatures

Click on the rafflecopter link to enter!

Interview One:

Character Interview with psychic, Lily Saburi, main character and heroine from Marianne Morea’s Urban Fantasy Saga, Cursed by Blood…

Interviewer: “I have wanted to meet you for so long. Tell me, Lily…most of the ladies think Sean is quite a hunk, is it true that when you first met him all you could think about was licking his thighs?”

[Lily blinks, open mouthed] “Boy, they told me you were direct…but jeez. Umm, yeah. Sean struck me immediately as a hottie. The way he walked toward me when I was in that hospital bed. It was entirely predatory, and he oozed sex appeal—I couldn’t help myself, but then again I was on heavy pain meds. I guess to answer your question, yes—he was, and is, mouthwateringly handsome.”

[Chuckling off set, Sean winks] “Back attcha, babe.”

Interviewer: “When Terry died, we all know how difficult that was for you, yet we really don’t see you cry. Where did you channel all that pain you so obviously felt?”

[Lily closes her eyes and exhales sadly before opening them again] “When something like that happens, you’re numb at first. You don’t know what to feel because the situation is just so unreal. And with everything else—the fact that I knew it was a Were that killed my best friend—it just made this unreality all the more unreal. I did cry. But my anger at the situation—at myself—was just too overwhelming at the time. Anyone who picks up the series knows that. I did cry, but just not where anyone could see.”

Interviewer: “You lost your family, but now you’ve inherited another through Sean. How are you adjusting?”

[Smiling, Lily glances over her shoulder at Sean] “Adjustment…that’s the perfect word to describe it. Things haven’t been smooth sailing for me and Sean since we got together. We didn’t just fall in love and ride off into the sunset together. We’ve had quite a bit of fine tuning and many heated moments. As Sean says, trouble is my middle name. Edward Parr…[Lily pauses, making a face]…he learned the hard way not to fuck with me and mine. But, I’ll leave that for you to find out. As to my family, I’ve still got Terry’s folks, and Sean’s family is now my family, so for the most part it’s all good.”

Interviewer: “Why do you suppose Ms. Morea titled the book Twice Cursed?”

[Lily tilts her head, thoughtfully] “I asked her that after she left us all hanging at the end of Hunter’s Blood. Big mistake, by the way. You think the readers hated that cliffhanger? Just ask the cast how we felt! But that’s another questions… I asked her why she picked Twice Cursed…I mean, she hadn’t even finished the outline and the book was named! She told me it was because of the vampires. You see, Weres are born dual natured. We are just another race akin to humankind. Marianne said that vampires were once human and so cursed into their existence, and what she was going to put them through in the book made them doubly cursed…so, Twice Cursed. Not bad, huh?”

Interviewer: “Tell me about Stephanie, Sean’s niece. She’s a psychic like you. Are you planning to help her develop her talents?”

[Lily shrugs, but glances over at Sean] “I didn’t come into my ‘talent’ as you call it until I was ten years old, after my parents died. Stephie was born with hers, so I’m not really sure if her senses work the same way as mine, but I will definitely be there for her. She is a lucky little girl, in that she had great people around her who love her. She’s only four years old, but man is she strong-minded, and the level of talent she’s exhibited already is a little scary. You should keep an eye out for her, there’s a story brewing there too!”

Interviewer: “What about you and Ryan and you and Jack? Doesn’t Sean ever get jealous?”

[Lily leans forward eyes narrowed at the interviewer] “I wouldn’t go there if I were you. I can’t stand it when people try to stir the shit. The subject of Jack Cochran is off limits, and I mean that. People can think what they like. Yeah, I’m over the top and some people might even say I’m a flirt, but that’s not true. I have very different, yet special relationships with both Jack and Ryan. You’ll just have to read the book to find out why and how…just don’t bring up Jack’s name to Sean…trust me on that. I know he told you I was hard to handle, but he’s the one who gets all alpha possessive. Do yourself a favor and ask me a different question.”

Interviewer [swallowing hard as she glances past Lily to see Sean’s suspicious scowl] “Okay then…moving on…You mentioned the vampires. What did you think when you first met them? Did they live up to your expectations or were they completely different from what you thought?”

[With half a smirk, Lily leans back in her chair and crosses her arms] “Wow. Who’da thought that talking about vampires would be a safer bet for a question? [She smiles at the interviewer] It’s okay, and that’s actually a good question. The vampires were a complete anomaly to me, nothing like I envisioned. They were eerily beautiful, but only on the surface. Their evil was patent, and anyone with any kind of intuitive nature would readily see it, and then immediately shit their pants. They are grace and civility, beauty in a sleek but deadly way, like a panther waiting to strike. Although I have to say that Remy has a story that is worthy of being told. His sorrow and his anguish is a tangible as his physical deformity. Makes me wonder what happened to him.”

Interviewer: “But don’t you and Sean have a close connection to the vampires now? Couldn’t you just ask Remy what happened?”

You would think so, but no. The is still a divide, and I would never have that kind of effrontery to assume to ask Remy something that personal. Perhaps we’ll all find out at some point in the saga. There’s a lot more to unfold…”

Interviewer: And my last question has to be…do you ever think you’ll choose pack life and race the moon with Sean?

[Lily shrugs, slyly] I don’t know yet. Guess we’ll both just have to wait and see.

Interviewer: Thank you, Lily, for sharing so much with us, and yes, there is much more to come, and I can’t wait!

Interview 2:

Character Interview with Sean Leighton, current Alpha of the Brethren of Weres and main character from Marianne Morea’s Urban Fantasy Saga, Cursed by Blood…

Interviewer: Tell about yourself, Sean…

[Chuckling, Sean raises an eyebrow] “What’s there to tell, really?” [He runs a hand through his hair, exhaling, sexy half smile teasing the corner of his mouth] “I’m a shape-shifter, someone blessed with dual natures. Other than that, I grew up not much differently than you. I had a mother and a father and a younger brother. Unfortunately, I’m all that’s left of my family.”

Interviewer: Didn’t your brother have a family, and let’s not forget about Lily…

[Sean snorts.] “I couldn’t forget Lily even if I wanted to! But, you’re right, of course…Jerard is survived by his wife, Rissa and their daughter Stephie, and that little one is something special—and not just because she’s my niece. She’s responsible in a huge way for saving more than one life, but you’ll have to read the story to find out about that.”

Interviewer: You still haven’t said a word about Lily. Trouble in paradise?

Lily’s middle name is trouble, so I would tread very carefully if I were you. As to my relationship with her: she’s headstrong and hard to handle, yet compassionate, super smart and fierce…not to mention beautiful…she’s everything I never knew I wanted and I wouldn’t change a thing. Trouble in paradise? With Lily, it wouldn’t be paradise unless there was trouble.”

Interviewer: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

[Shrugs] “I never really gave it much thought. In my world you are born into your dual nature and automatically part of a pack or pride or whatever the grouping is specific to your animal nature. I knew I was destined to be the Alpha of my pack because of my blood line. Challenges are far and few these days, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be the Alpha of something as unusual as the Brethren or that we’d have anything like our experimental Compound.”

Interviewer: Out of all the natures you were gifted with when you became Alpha, which is the most fun to shift into?

[A sheepish grin spreads across Sean’s face] My hunter’s will never let me live this down, but it has to be the gift of flight I received from the Avians. Flying is an unbelievable rush, the only thing that comes close is racing the full moon. Our Compound may be multi-specied, but each group still thinks their particular set of ‘skills’ is king. Me, I love being a wolf, but flying is amazing.

Interviewer: What are you passionate about these days?

[Smiling broadly now, he glances over his shoulder at the pretty honey blonde sitting off to the side of the interview set] “Lily. She’s my whole existence now, her and the survival of our Compound. Though I do wish she’d change her hair color back to her natural dark chestnut…”

[Lily blows a razzberry at him off set.]

Interviewer: [chuckling] “Well, you know what they say about blondes having more fun…

[Raising an eyebrow, Sean cocks his head to the side] “With Lily, you never go right to fun. [He winks at her.] But it’s definitely a rollercoaster ride worth taking.”

Interviewer: What is your favorite meal?

You’re kidding, right?” [With a sly grin, Sean leans forward in his chair, letting a bit of a growl rumble in his throat for effect] “I do enjoy a very, very, succulent…[the interviewer scoots back in her chair and Sean laughs out loud] “Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I guess my favorite meal is what any carnivore would crave… a big, juicy steak.

Interviewer: What do you do to unwind and relax?

I run in wolf form through the forest. It calms me, and helps me to put things into perspective or clear my mind.” [Looking over his shoulder again, he smiles, shaking his head] “Lily hasn’t joined me yet, she’s still debating on whether or not she wants that particular part of our lunar driven world.”

Interviewer: If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

[Sean takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly] “I’m not really sure how to answer that question. I guess I would have to say, my brother, Jerard. With the Compound and the coming together of all the species of Were, I was preoccupied and didn’t see that his marriage was crumbling and that he had lost his way. If I had paid more attention, perhaps he’d still be alive.”

Interviewer: What is something people would be surprised about you?

That unlike Hollywood stereotypes, Weres are not bloodthirsty, mindless beasts come the full moon. We can shift any time, any day. We are as comfortable and as cognizant in our animal forms as we are when we’re in our human forms. We’re really not that different from anyone else—just like humans, we have our good days and our bad days. We get angry and vent, we laugh, we cry, we bleed when we’re hurt, we have prejudices that we need to rise above…we’re just trying to find our way in this world just like you.”

Interviewer: Thank you, Sean, for taking the time to meet with us this evening.


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100 Books in a Year Challenge

Since I’ve been reviewing a lot of books for Night Owl Reviews and Fallen Angel Reviews, I figured

100 Books in a Year

100 Books in a Year hosted by Book Chick City

I could participate in this challenge. After all, it shouldn’t be too hard to get 100 books, right? Hmm…Let’s see how I do. The *** means reading or to-read.

1.)On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

2.)A Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson

3.)Scared to Death by Wendy Corsi Staub

4.)Halfway Hexed by Kimberly Frost

5.)Claiming Their Mate by Stacey Espino

6.)Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

7.)The Darkest Heart by Thea Devine

8.)Birthday Party Suprise by Cheryl Dragon

9.)Notorious by Nicola Cornick

10.)Camelot’s Enchantment by Cynthia Breeding

11.)Indiscretions by Madelynne Ellis

12.)Alpha Heat by Crystal Kaufmann

13.) I Betcha by Mia James

14.)A Questionable Hero by Kiki Howell

15.)Caress of Fur by Corinne Davies

16.)Deadly Silence by Lindsay McKenna

17.)1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber

18.)A Pirate’s Bounty by Eliza Knight

19.)A Cowboy To Marry by Cathy Gillen Thacker

20.)A Convenient Proposal by Lynnette Kent

21.)Werewolf in the North Woods by Vicki Lewis Thompson

22.)Werewolf in Greenwich Village by Vicki Lewis Thompson

23.)A Pirate’s Possession by Michelle Beatie

24.)Pirate’s Woman by Paige Tyler

25.)Back in the Saddle by Ashlynn Monroe

26.)Night Mission by Desiree Holt

27.)Until the Dawn by Desiree Holt

28.)Lust Undone by Desiree Holt

29.)Something Borrowed by Desiree Holt

30.)Shattered by Jennie Marshland

31.) The Son Between Them by Molly O’Keefe

32.)A Christmas Wren by BA Tortuga ***

33.)A Demon Does It Better By Linda Wisdom ***

34.)A Magical Return by Serena Shay ***

35.)Acquainted With The Night by Piper Maitland ***

36.)A Familiar Tangle with Hell by Sapphire Phelan ***

37.)Bonnie by Iris Johansen

38.)If I Should Die by Allison Brennan ***

39.)Confessions of a Courtesan by Deborah Hale***

40.)A New Dawn by Aubrie Dionne***

41.)Wet Dream by J. M. Madden ***

42.)Amber Moon by Amy Mayburn ***

43.)Tempting A Cowboy by Clarissa Yip ***

44.)One Hot Australian Night by Liia Ann Whiten***

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Guest Post with Gracen Miller

Today, I have the author of “Pandora’s Box”, Gracen Miller. She just celebrated a birthday yesterday so I hope this gets a good turnout. Kind of like a day-after celebration. Everyone be sure to send her your belated best.



Where do authors get their ideas for a story? I take mine from everyday stuff a lot of times. A song lyric can serve as inspiration. Other times a vague comment by a friend will spawn creativity. But I get my
best stuff from my dreams. Or nightmares as some would call them.

 Pandora’s Box was spawned from a nightmare. Yes, a nightmare!  My nightmares can be disturbing, stuff that is so troubling I won’t voice them for fear of giving them power. One such troubling nightmare, the villain in the Road to Hell series was using infants as target practice. That dream left me with a very sick feeling in my gut. It took me days to shake off that particular nightmare and I won’t
give it life in any story. However, I do love some of my nightmares because they jump-start my Muse with creativity.

 Who would love to go demon hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester? Supernatural fan wouldn’t love a dream with the boys, right? The only way that dream could get better is if the Winchester actually
stepped foot into my house. In this particular dream, the boys were at my house trying to save me from getting eaten by a ghost, which turned into a demon. You know how dreams are, the parameters change randomly and it makes total sense in the dream! In the beginning of the dream, we were in an unrecognizable house and by the end of the dream in my current one. And this made total sense in the dream!

LOL The ghost/demon didn’t worry me even though Sam and Dean kept telling me it should. I reminded them over and over again that ghosts visit me all the time and I knew how to handle them. Easy-peasy stuff. They were soooo not needed, except for as eye-candy. Never turn away prime eye-candy, that’s my motto. 😉 Anyway, Dean was upset, calling me a stubborn chick…I don’t remember saying thanks to that quip, but I do remember taking it as a compliment! LOL 

I told the ghost/demon to leave. In response, my subconscious altered the parameters. The paranormal monster now targeted my children, wanted to steal their soul or possess them—I’m not sure which
really, all that mattered was that they were the new aim. FYI, in mother lingo that means: Game-freakin’-on! I’m rolling up my sleeves and I will hunt it down and kill it slowly for even turning
its murderous eyes on them! *smiles sweetly*  

Furious and ready to kill the ghost/demon, I demanded directions from the Winchesters on how to annihilate this sucker that endangered my babies! Dean was being snarky, calling me sweetheart and reminding me that I should let the professionals handle it. You know, I really didn’t like Dean-dream’s attitude! He was this close *demonstrates with forefinger and thumb clamped together* from
getting smacked upside the head!!  

He and I were going at it when I woke up. I came out of that nightmare angry and terrified. It took me a few moments of blinking in the dark room to realize it was just a dream. My kids were okay,  slumbering across the hall in their beds. When that reality set in, I was a bit miffed about not getting the opportunity to kill the creature or smack Dean. I hate the way dreams end without any finality to them. It’s like watching a romance movie where one of them dies at the end…. You’re vested, only to be disappointed at the end!  

 But I got to thinking…the worst nightmare any parent can endure is when their child is harmed. Especially when it’s something you cannot control nor do anything about. The absolute helplessness of this is crushing. I’ve endured this type of debilitation with my eldest son when he began to suffer grand mal seizures. Nothing I could do but twiddle my thumbs and watch while he endured them. We finally found the magical pill that controlled them and he outgrew them—whew!—but we were ultimately unable to help.

 The nightmare got me to thinking “what if”…

What if a mother was faced with something supernatural tormenting her child? What if doctors couldn’t help? What if she had no idea what she should do? What if it’d plagued her entire life without her knowledge? How would she react? How could she battle an unknown entity when she had no knowledge of the supernatural world? Wouldn’t she require help, guidance, and a teacher….anyone with experience to help her?

 Ultimate question…How far would she go to save her son and how reckless would she become? I’m the daughter of a Baptist preacher, so using demons and fallen angels as the foundation for the story was natural. Giving the heroine the same background was right, too. Yet, her relationship with her parents was volatile and she no longer believes in God.

 That’s how Pandora’s Box was conceived. My nightmare spawned characters that are so real-to-life in my head, I don’t question their chatter any longer. I love each of them—even the villain—as if they were
my own children. Their world unravels in my mind like I’m peeking through eyes into a very real world. The hardest part of this story was coming up with the heroine’s name. lol

 Leave a relevant comment (not just a ‘please enter me in the contest’) for a chance to win a skull cameo ring, but PLEASE leave your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner!!! All rules must be followed in order to be eligible to win.

 Thanks for inviting me to join the blog hop, Sara, and to all of you for venturing out to read my post!



Where you can stalk me—not really!—but I would love to meet and interact with you:

 Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/gracen.miller

Road to Hell series FB Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Road-to-Hell-series/112564408814796?ref=ts

Website: www.gracenmiller.com

Blog: http://madisonroadtohell.blogspot.com/


Pandora’s Box Blurb:

 Where does the road to Hell begin?

 What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn’t believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn’t know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

 With good intentions? Or by demonic design?

Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix’s aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls?

 In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind’s liberty has begun…

 Pandora’s Box Excerpt:

Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box

She nodded and watched as he doused gauze with antiseptic. “Dr. Nix at your service,” he said with a grin, two adorable dimples charming her where words failed.

Madison rolled her eyes, and tipped her head to the side to give him better access. He brushed her hair off her neck, back behind her shoulder. Such a simple gesture, yet it felt terribly personal. The air grew thick and sticky with her awareness of him. She shifted in her seat and crossed her legs.

Madison stared into his eyes. Green, she thought, his eyes were green, gorgeous and intense, with ridiculously long eyelashes women would fantasize about. If they didn’t, they should. A flicker of compassion, concern, and something else she couldn’t identify flashed in his eyes.

Ready?” he asked.

 The husky tenor of his voice forced her gaze to shift to his mouth. Nice, sexy lips, designed for kissing. She gave a mental shake but couldn’t resist wondering how his mouth would feel on hers.


Humor deepened his voice, a touch of a smile tilted the edges of the lips she’d been fantasizing about, and she realized she still stared at them.

“You ready?” he asked again, and her eyes widened in embarrassment over her foolish stupor.

 She swallowed hard. “Yeah.” She whispered past the lump in her throat and forced her vision to lock on the wall over his shoulder. Good God, what was wrong with her? Her pulse throbbed like crazy, and she felt woozy. Loss of blood! Must be why she reacted that way. No other explanation made sense.

Even though the antiseptic stung like hell, the gentle touch coming from such a gruff man surprised her. “It’s not bad,” he said, dabbing the blood away. “Just a nick.”

 Well, she could nix the blood loss theory. Exhaustion and stress were the only other excuses she could come up with. “I’ve suffered worse.”

Her voice sounded off, kind of hoarse. She tried to clear her throat delicately, but he must have noticed her unease, because his perceptive eyes met hers. Again, she thought she caught the edge of concern reflected in their green depths.

This isn’t the first time he’s attacked you?”

No. It’s the first time he’s tried to seriously kill me, though.”

She sighed as she closed her eyes, ready to give up fighting, the sudden tears threatening to fall. Okay, woozy and acting strange because of strain…not because of him. Seriously, as far as first impressions went, she wasn’t impressed.


 Want to take the adventure with me on the road to Hell and discover how Madison answers each of my questions above? Pandora’s Box is available in e-book format at the following online stores:

Decadent Publishing: http://www.decadentpublishing.com/product_info.php?products_id=326&osCsid=197c7ca45f989e3b22059c5b92c9475d


 Barnes & Noble:




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