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Review for A Familiar Tangle with Hell

“A Familiar Tangle In Hell” was an interesting read. In the first few pages, I wondered if I would enjoy the story, as it seemed a bit on the religious side. I stuck with it and soon threw my trepidation out the window. The sex scenes were graphic and hot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the demon Familiar Charun and his witch, Tina getting it on. I loved how the author incorporated Greek mythology, portions of the Bible, erotica and romance to create the perfect combination. The descriptions were vivid and it almost felt like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book. There were a few small areas where the story dragged a little but it would soon pick up and I’d be reading faster than my phone could respond. My favorite part of the whole story is the bunny! Once you read the story, you’ll understand what I mean.

For anyone who enjoys stories of sex, demons, the Devil, the battle between Heaven and Hell, or just magic and sexy men in general, this could be a story you would enjoy devouring.


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Dirty Dozen Weekend

Weekend Dirty DozenFor this weekend’s Dirty Dozen, I decided to post a piece from my completed, yet unpublished novel, A Woman’s Revenge. In this novel, a demon is getting revenge on cheating males by making them pregnant! Paranormal and Demonic Research arrive at the newest crime scene to try and stop her. Instead, she ends up impregnating one of the agents. Here’s a scene between pregnant man Jaxon Diego, and Healer/Empath doctor Mandi Thompson.


Oh, sorry about that. It’s a morning thing. I hope you don’t think,” he cut off before he could finish the sentence.

Mandi thrashed her head back and forth. “That would never occur to me. I’m not that type of woman.”

Jaxon pulled her around to face him, oblivious to her discomfort about his arousal and his state of near undress.

I thought last night went a long way to show you how desirable you are.”

Mandi shrugged. “It’s your condition.”

The only condition I have around you is horny.”


Though this book is not yet on sale, I do have one available for 99 cents until December 1st. Heart Over Mind is a paranormal romance e-book which has all types of mythical creatures, great sex, and a life or death situation. You can also buy it in paperback on Amazon.

Be sure to check out other participating authors at http://weekenddirtydozen.blogspot.com/

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