Guest Post with Katie Harper

Today’s Day 4 of the blog tour and I have the amusing Katie Harper here with me. I’m friends with her on Facebook and she never ceases to disappoint me with her humor. If I’m in a foul mood, I just visit her page and read a status. My favorite one so far has to be: I was all, “I’LL BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND! YOU HEAR ME?!?” and she was like, “Ma’am, the dipping sauce is *under* your McNuggets.”  As I said, Katie is hilarious! She is honest, sometimes brutal, and doesn’t pull punches(just ask the people who make her mad). If you like a real, down to earth woman, this is the one for you.


An Analysis of the Romance Novel

I love romance store 
Love to read them, love to write them. While perusing my local mega bookstore/stationery store/gift center/kid’s playground/legal
addictive stimulant dealer, I started to feel like I had read the same cover several times. It seems like some romance authors have adopted a formula to writing and then shared that formula on every blog and social networking site on the planet. In fact, the back of most romance covers could read like this.

Bricker (because all menBrad and Angela in romance novels have names that sound like last names or dog names)
is an ex- special forces operative (because no real romance man would be an accountant) who has lost hope in humanity. His time spent serving his country has left unseen scars on his soul (because PTSD
is way sexier than the loss of a limb or a gunshot wound to the belly). Bricker is troubled by unseen demons (being haunted by the spawn of Satan is much cooler than having bad dreams and flashbacks).
His life is turned upside down when he meets the beautiful (because romance women are all cast from the same mold as Angelina Jolie) Kevin (because all romance women have male names). Kevin is a successful attorney (because while all romance men barely passed
their GED, romance women all went to Harvard on an academic scholarship) who has dedicated her entire life to her career (because all romance women are workaholic spinsters at the age of 24). When the client of a pro-bono murder case (because all romance men are demons and all romance women are saints) becomes obsessed with her, she must rely on Bricker to save her life (because romance women always put their lives in the hands of total strangers). Will their love be able to survive when things take a turn for the worst (because it can always get worse than being hunted by a homicidal maniac)?

So, what did I do whenWoman in Bath faced with the same basic story? I did what any self-respecting
reader would do. I bought every single one and devoured them in less than a week. What can I say, I love romance even if I have read the
same story hundreds of times. Going through the emotions of falling in love, or lust, never gets old. It is my drug and I will continue to use it until people stop writing it.


To enjoy more of Katie’s witty humor, check out her blog



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4 responses to “Guest Post with Katie Harper

  1. That was awesome. The way Katie wrote it, I would so buy The Bricker & Kevin love story!! Great guest post Katie!!

    • Heaven, I agree. I love the way she broke it down and then how you just know she’s going to say she turned around to write a book herself but instead she says that! I love Katie. She always keeps us guessing at what she’ll say next. It’s never boring. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to check out the rest of the blog tour, hosted from the 3rd-16th.

  2. Thanks for having me Sara!

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