Guest Post with Amber Kell

Today is Day 2 of my blog tour and I have Amber Kell visiting me. Very exciting! Be sure to comment on her post for a chance to win a prize, visit her blog for more info on her work, and share with your friends. Be sure to remember to buy her books too! You’ll love them.


It always makes me shake my head when people ask me why I write m/m romance. I mean when I write m/f no one asks me why I want to write that? I have to confess it isn’t only the thought of two sexy hunks going at it that appeals to me. It is the conflicts between strong characters struggling to find a common
ground. As in any relationship it is a matter of give and take. In my book Blood Signs, on the surface Sasha is the more powerful character but it is only Randall, his submissive human who can bring him to his knees. Who has the power in that relationship? Is it the man who orders and bends others to his will or the one who gives a little and gets everything he wants anyway. In most relationships whether m/f or
m/m there is a certain amount of power shifting back and forth, but it is finding the common ground that makes each story unique. In this October’s releases I have both a m/m and my first m/f book.

Leave a comment about why you love romance and you’ll have entered to win a chance to win either book. I’ll pick a winner on Friday!

In Samhain’s Kiss I continue the story started in Blood Signs.

Samhain's Kiss

Samhain's Kiss

Blurb: Randall has a bad feeling about the upcoming Samhain festivities. A gut-wrenching foreboding that something is going to go wrong. When he’s taken over by the spirit of a dead fae king, he learns this is just the beginning of his problems.

Now with the ability to access powerful abilities, Randall finds it difficult to submit to his vampire lover. Because while Randall the medical student defers to his mate, the fae king attempting to take over his body will bow to no one.


He made sure Sasha saw his pout before he crammed his body into the tight leather pantsand slid the zipper up with special care. The unforgiving fit didn’t allow space for underwear.

Looking up, he caught Sasha licking his lips. “Forget about it,” he warned. “I’m not getting out of these pants until after the ceremony, and even then it might take a shoe horn and two of your strongest guards.”

Sasha laughed. The vampire smiled more these days, especially after Randy had permanently moved in with him. Even with Sasha’s brother, Ustin,still on the loose, the vampire relaxed more now than when Randy first met him. Sasha claimed it was because he’d found his mate. Smooth talker.

The ruby flashed on Randy’s finger as he slipped on his shirt and fiddled with the buttons. He paused to admire the ring. He’d tried to return itseveral times after finding out it had belonged to Sasha’s father. However, his lover only took it back long enough to have it resized before sliding it back onto Randy’s finger.

He’d given up. He realized he couldn’t out-stubborn a vampire. They have all the time in the world to argue. He yanked on his favorite boots. They were comfortable and turned Sasha on whenever he wore them. Something about giving him a badass edge.

“Come, pet, let’s show everyone how beautiful you are.”

Randy rolled his eyes as he followed his mate out of their rooms.Yeah, he was the beautiful one. He shook his head at Sasha’s blindness.

“I can hear your thoughts, my sun. Didn’t I tell you how beautiful you were?”

“Yep. I’m a beauty.”

He resisted the urge to laugh. As long as Sasha found him attractive, that was the important thing.

My m/f book Colour Me Undead


Colour Me Undead

Colour Me Undead

When Cora’s cousin asks her to plan a wedding for the undead she doesn’t expect to fall in love with the vampire king.

Cora was going to kill her cousin. It wasn’t a big problem—few people would miss her, and as one of the undead, odds were good she would rise again. Still grumbling to herself, Cora pulled up in front of the spooky castle. Taking a deep breath, she tried to ignore the chills dancing up and down her spine and the goose bumps popping up across her flesh.

She couldn’t believe she let herself be talked into this, organising a wedding for an undead bride and groom. If she thought suicide would get her out of this she would willingly jump off a bridge. Unfortunately, her aunt—the voodoo queen—would then calmly bring her back to life and hand over her wedding planner.

Some days she hated her family. Today looked to be one of those days.

Sitting in her car, she stared at the forbidding castle. Gloomy grey brick—check. Gargoyles grinning down in a macabre manner—check. Lightning storm beginning…

Yep, it was like she was on a movie set. She could hear the director now. “Take one of ‘Scare the Crap out of Cora’.”

Shaking her head at her silliness, Cora snagged her pink laptop case and opened the door of her lemon yellow Volkswagen Beetle. She climbed out and slammed the door behind her. If she didn’t use enough force the door didn’t always close completely. It was an old car and even with a full restoration it still had its quirks. The sound echoed in the unnaturally quiet courtyard, rattling her already shaky nerves.

Cora didn’t know why she was so nervous. No one would harm her. Her cousin was marrying the second-in-line for the vampire throne. If anyone touched Cora, Melinda would rip off their head and show it to them. Still, that didn’t mean someone wouldn’t try something. She almost wished she’d taken the stake that her assistant, Becka, offered earlier. The perky blonde had popped into Cora’s office minutes before she had to leave and plunked down a suitcase full of anti-vampire paraphernalia. Her friend meant well and right about now Cora was yearning for those night vision goggles, but she didn’t think it showed good faith to come to a meeting equipped to kill your customer…even if they were family. Not that she planned on becoming known as the undead wedding planner, but money was money and the amount of cash her cousin promised her would more than finish paying off her mortgage.

“Are you going to stand here all night or do you plan on coming in?”

Cora screamed.


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60 responses to “Guest Post with Amber Kell

  1. Demetra

    i love the story of Blood Signs and have already pre-ordered Samhain’s KIss – can’t wait.

  2. Amber you know how we all love your stories, hot men on pages are next best thing to real ones and hot real men are not interested in not so hot old women. So you can see how you fill a real need.

  3. Keri

    I really liked your thoughts about characters finding common ground! I like romance because it’s an escape, especially when there’s a happy ending. 😉 I think I prefer m/m romance because men have been restricted to defined roles in literature for so long that I love to read stories where men are breaking the molds and finding love, happiness, fulfillment,, and fun with another man.

  4. I loved Blood Signs I already have Samhain’s Kiss on pre-order. Just wanted to say I love your stories and its always worth the wait for them to come out 🙂

  5. Zeneida

    Hi Amber.

    I love Romance because it take me to so many different places around the world. I can imagine and let go. In real life I will never be daring but with romance books I can be as daring as I will like or wish to be.

    • amber kell

      That’s the beauty of reading to take you away from every day problems. I like to feel I’ve brought a little romance and maybe a laugh or two to my fans.

  6. Rain

    Congrats on the new releases! What’s not to like about romance…? I love happy endings and just seeing how two (or more?) people’s lives mesh and end up for the better is fun and uplifting.

  7. Cornelia

    Romance feels so good with a HEA ,your characters are so real I believe them and their love..

  8. Linda C

    When you grew up on fairy tales, you learn about happily ever after. Then you learn that happily ever after doesn’t exsist for most people. For me, reading romanace is the eternal search for happily ever after. I love the search.

  9. TerriA

    Hi Amber and Sara,
    Reading romance is an escape for me. My life is hectic,fast-paced and sometimes tragic. Reading gives me a little “happy ever after”,for a little while.

    • Hi Terry. I feel the same way. When life doesn’t go the way we want, at least we know we can delve into a book, where all the problems are resolved and there is such a thing as a happy ending. It helps us get through the rough spots. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    • amber kell

      Hi TerriA. I’m glad romance gives you an escape. Everyone needs to get away from reality once in a while.

  10. Vanessa

    QUeen AMber is well, and evil evil teaser but boy she does leaves drooling and wanting more. I love her books and have found several new authors through her sight. I look forward to reading all she writes regardless of m/m or m/f they are awesome. My Queen gives a whole new meaning to romance and love. I look forward to reading some of your books to Sara. Romance to me is more than loving someone. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Just a hug or a note saying have a great day and I love you works for me.

    • I would love if you could read my work! I’m just starting out and only have one available at the moment but I hope there will be lots more in the future! Thanks for visiting. And I totally agree with your version of romance. It has taken me FOREVER to get my fiance to understand that! Though he is doing better. 🙂

  11. Erika S.

    I already have Colour Me Undead pre-ordered. YEA! I love our Queen’s evil tortures, and the beautiful love stories. There’s always that touch of humor, the HEA (required for me anyway) and the enduring quality of a solid relationship that can withstand the occasional oddity. For me romance doesn’t have to be M/M or M/F, I will read most well written love stories with real characters and not just a ton of sex (now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but real stories have more.)

    Thank you Sara for letting us come and play with you today. I appreciate the introduction to new authors. I’ve had to adjust my book buying budget many a time thanks to Amber’s introductions.

    A minor point, if you will, the font size is WAY to small to comfortably read. Any chance on making it slightly larger for us old fogeys that don’t see that well? 🙂

    • Erica, thanks so much for coming by! I was very lucky to have the wonderful Amber agree to guest blog with me today and I’m quite happy at the turnout. I am the same way with my budget. I have three children so I have to always make special cuts to get my book addiction filled. It does help that I do reviews for certain groups.

      I apologize for the small font. It didn’t show up on my computer at first. It bothered me as well once I noticed it. I have spent the last hour trying to correct this and think it’s fixed now. So sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for letting me know about it. 🙂

      I’ve always been a romantic, which is probably what led me to write the genre. Feel free to check out my work as well. I try to make it less pricey than some of the other work because I am well aware of the tough economic times and refuse to let a low budget stop a person from enjoying a good book. I’ll also be doing a giveaway for my story at the end of this promotion so be sure to check back each day as I host more authors! Each comment is a higher chance of winning my new release.

    • amber kell

      Hi Erika,

      Thanks for pre-ordering my m/f book. I’ll be interested in hearing from my fans when that comes out if you feel I captured the essence of Cora 🙂

  12. Heather S.

    I loved Blood Signs and I can hardly wait for Samhain’s Kiss, I’m also quite looking forward to Amber’s new M/F story I can’t wait to see how she’s does it =D

    • amber kell

      Hi Heather,

      Crossing fingers everyone enjoys my M/F story. If it does well I’ll release a few a year. I’m not moving away from my m/m base but I’d like to add some variety 🙂

  13. devon

    I love Amber’s books and am anxiously awaiting both of these…

    Reading romance is a great escape to another time-place-world-etc. In real life we seldom get our own HEA, so for a brief moment, a good romance story gives me one, and lets me continue to hope for my own.

  14. Cathy

    I love your books, I started reading your books about May or June with the moon pack, I have read everything i can find that you have written since then. I am looking forward to your upcomming books, Thank You

  15. Thanks to everyone who has visited today. I appreciate the support and I know Amber will be thrilled to see so many people interested in her wonderful work. There is also a giveaway from me, which I will be announcing next week. I’ve got two weeks of guest bloggers planned so everyone be sure to come back again to meet new authors and enter for your chance to win even more great books!

  16. Foretta

    I love reading romance because I know that at the end of the book there will be a happy ending! I love Amber’s writing!

  17. arella3173

    Many congrats, Amber, for both of your releases!! \o/
    Eeek! I so can’t wait to be able to read Samhain’s Kiss! So happy to be able to read more Sasha and Randall!!

    As for why I like romance… much like any books in general I like to get lost in the many worlds. In the challenges they all come across and yet in the end still come out with their happy ending… It’s nice to believe that sometimes life doesn’t have to ruin your happiness. and really? who doesn’t like a happy ending. lol…
    I like M/F simply because It’s nice to read about two people that really love each other and don’t cheat on each other out of spite.
    I LOVE M/M because of all these other obstacles they must face. All the nuisances that will stand in the way of their happiness. Not only do they have to get through the judgement of others, but they must also come to accept themselves and give into their true desires instead of what other people expect from them. I love it. Of course there are those that know who they are and what they’re looking for but It’s just nice to see all the possibilities that can be done when it’s with two men. Where in most of the M/F romance that I have read the girl is always having to have been protected by their man. I like it when both characters are more than capable of taking a beating and taking care of themselves. 😀

    • amber kell

      You make a good point. Often they make the heroine too wimpy and has to be saved and if you make her too tough then she comes across as bitchy one of the reasons I enjoy writing m/m.

  18. jennifer

    cant wait for Samhain’s Kiss Blood signs was like my favorite book every 🙂

  19. Rachel

    I am so excited foe Samhain’s Kiss to come out! Amber Kell was actually the first author i read in the m/m genre and i was hooked! Sasha and Randall are def. in my top of favorite characters! There’s just something really hot about a strong man who’s knees go weak in the face of love!

  20. jessie

    i love romance because i think having that one person who belongs to you both body and soul is as special as it can get especially when you learn to trust and give your self to your one true soulmate i meet mine 9 years ago i was in a relationship and he respected that we became bestfriends my relationship was wrong my bf treated me like i meant nothing but he should me how much i was worth with that i lost my heart to him we have 3 children together and our love is stronger than ever last weekend we married by church i think everyone should have romance in their lives and that special person who shows you what you mean to them not only with words but with actions and you amber are one of my favorite writers for that reason you show true romance not fake over dramatic like i have read from others =)

    • amber kell

      Thanks Jessie that is sweet and congratulations on finding your soul mate. I’m happy to say my husband is my soul mate also which makes it a bit easier to write romance 🙂

  21. Diane

    Hey Amber,
    Romance to me is remembering the little things that will make your partner whether it is m or f smile.

  22. Donna

    hmm why do I love romance….cause it’s HOT! LOL

  23. sandra

    i cant waith for either one of these storys to come out, they both sound great

  24. Donna

    Supernatural Mates is one of my all time favorite series. I can’t wait to read more of Amber Kell’s work! I think that I read romance more than anything else is because I know that for all the bumps along the way that all gets worked out by the end of the book.

  25. Tammy

    Why would I want to read anything else….romance is happy!!!!!!

  26. Terri

    I loved Blood Sign and can’t wait to read this one. I think that there is so much stress in everyday life that it is nice to escape into a book to laugh and find love that you know is going to work.

  27. Araya - Karen Candido

    I love the romance genre since its a happy escape. When the world gets too tough and I want to just hide away it gievs me a chance to do that. It has to have a HEA so it restores my faith in humanity.

    • amber kell

      I’ve always enjoyed romance because you know in the end the two will find their way together in the end. Or at least in my stories.

  28. Kim D

    love all of her books and can’t wait for more.

  29. Carol

    I love to read romance because like so many others have stated it is a great way to escape.

  30. Patti

    I read romance to get a for sure happy ending. I remember reading this one romance author that killed off her leading hero and had her miscarry her baby and then had the girl marry some guy she meant on a trip for about a chapter in the middle of the book. I was sooooo mad because if I wanted to read something sad I would not have choosen a romance. I decided to never read another of her books again! Which I have not. Reading is a stress relief and what better way than watching two people fall in love!

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