Well, I’m not sure how many of my friends on Facebook have learned this but I am finally published. It seems like a long time coming but at the same time, I don’t feel any different. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely excited when I get to talk about being published, but I’ve yet to really get to feel the pleasure of having my readers tell me what they think. I’m hoping to hear comments soon and I’ve sent submissions to have my book reviewed.

I’ve decide to try doing a book tour via the internet where I’ll visit other people’s blogs and talk about my work. I also want to start hosting guest bloggers on my site. Then I plan to write a press release about my story being published and begin a newsletter. I’m hoping all of this will get me a lot of publicity. It’s not so much as generating sales as it is having fans who I can entertain. That is why I write. The money would just be a nice benefit. But even if I never make a dollar off it, if people like it, I’m happy.

So,  I’m returning to “A Woman’s Revenge” for more edits. Hope to get it finished before NaNoWriMo.



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2 responses to “Published!

  1. Congrats, Sara! You’re welcome on my blog any time.

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