Review of “Something Borrowed”

Something Borrowed
“Something Borrowed” by Desiree Holt

I just read “Something Borrowed” by Desiree Holt. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in record time. My scorched sheets are proof that it was deliciously good! This is the third book in the “Wedding Belles” series.

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue. This is the age-old saying for all brides to be. This is what prompted Zoe to ask her future husband for one last fling with her ex-boyfriend, Clay. But not just sex with him. She wants them both. She’d like to borrow Clay, the old, and have a one and only, 3some with the new boyfriend. After an internal debate, Brad agrees to let his future wife have this, as a wedding present.

The group thing isn’t unfamiliar to Zoe and Clay, however Zoe finds herself happy to realize that although she immensely enjoys it, she loves everything Brad does better. And she’s quite happy after that one time to never do it again.

Brad finds himself aroused by the thought of his fiance with another man’s hands and mouth all over her body. It’s even more exciting when he has sex with Zoe, while she has Clay buried deep within her too.

This story was extremely hot and I love the way Zoe decides that her future husband is all she’ll need in the future. I honor Brad for granting his love’s decision to have sex with another man, because that’s what she truly wanted. He would do anything to make her happy, and he did. In return, he got a happy ending as well. 😉 The sex scenes in this story were explicit and caused me to have wonderful dreams after reading it. As a to-be bride, I love the idea of a husband granting his wife any wish. I’m sure if I had a sprinkler system in my bedroom, it would have went off due to the immense amount of heat this book emitted. Even four days after reading, the story and characters still linger with me and I find I might end up re-reading this short story often.

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Read an excerpt of Desiree’s book here. Warning: Erotic scenes. Over 18 only!

I give this book four flames!



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