Review of “Pirate’s Woman”

I’ve been a huge fan of Paige Tyler since the days of MySpace so as soon as I saw that I could do a

Cover for Paige Tyler's "Pirate's Woman"

Cover for Paige Tyler's "Pirate's Woman"

review of her book, “Pirate’s Woman” for Night Owl Reviews, I jumped at it and dared anyone to steal it from me. To say I wasn’t disappointed would be putting it mildly. Paige uses the line “stories so hot they’ll make your cheeks blush” to describe her stories. Well, I didn’t blush, from embarrassment anyways, but my temperature sure spiked. Paige is a wonderful erotica writer and in “Pirate’s Woman“, she uses a perfect balance of erotica, romance, kink, action, and sci-fi to create an amazing read.

It was like an addiction and I literally had to hide my phone from myself so I wouldn’t read when I was supposed to be working on revisions. It only took me two days to finish her story because I finally gave up the fight and finished. I do belive this is one novel I’ll be adding to my collection and re-reading often.

When I saw the word PIRATES, I assumed Jack Sparrow out on the water. Imagine my surprise when I found Slayter was a space pirate! Ruthless, sexy, but with a kind heart and morals, Slayter was the perfect hero of “Pirate’s Woman”. His talent in the bedroom matched his impressive captain skills. Teyla was the perfect daughter, willing to  be sold on the auction block like an animal, just to clear her father’s debt with Slayter. Worried about her inexperience in the bedroom, she asks Slayter to teach her some things so she might fetch a higher price. Neither of them expect the sex to be out of this world and impossible to get enough of.

Readers be warned. If you read this, don’t do it out in the heat. A very cool air conditioner, cold shower, or ice pack might be required to keep you from suffering a heat stroke.

This review was done on behalf of Night Owl Reviews. Drop by for the latest book reviews, contests, free reads, and author interviews, and much more. Don’t forget to sign up for your free subscription for the Night Owl Reviews magazine, available every month.

Read an excerpt on Paige’s website, here




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2 responses to “Review of “Pirate’s Woman”

  1. Hey Sara!

    Thank you so much for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed PIRATE’S WOMAN. I’m in love with Slayter, too. Don’t tell my other heroes, though. They might get jealous! LOL!


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