Review of “I Betcha”

I just finished reading Mia Jae’s I Betcha“, a story about a few Southern ladies having a bachelorette party. The sister of the bride, Mary Kate, has planned a spectacular party, complete with one sexy stripper and a penis cake. By the time the sexy man arrives, the ladies are already pretty drunk. Drunk enough that the bride has bet Mary Kate that she won’t have sex with the next man she sees.

Enter not just one, but two sexy strippers. Twins, to be exact. Mary Kate’s blood pressure sky rockets. Her panties get soaked. While her stripper Johnny begins his dance, his brother Shaun serves the ladies a new round of drinks. Wouldn’t ya know he’d be a bartender. Johnny targets Mary Kate and before she knows it, she’s all alone with both big, sexy, tempting men. And they are giving her more drinks.

The terms of the bet resonate in her head. She pushes it away and decides what the hell. She agrees to have them, both of them. Their first round of sex is simple. Mary Kate and Johnny. She can handle that. After a short break, she takes a turn with Shaun. Then they have some fun with the cake and a camera before going for round 2 in the shower. This time, Mary Kate decides she wants both men, at the same time. Deep in the night, the girls return from their night out and find Mary Kate in bed with both men.

Dee, the maid of honor, tells Mary Kate that her sister is going to freak when she realizes she lost the bet. It’s too late for her to silence the blabbermouth girl. She has to convince the twins that she slept with them because she wanted to, not because of the money. The boys then reveal that they had their own bet: that they couldn’t talk a female into having a threesome with them. Their ultimate fantasy.

Mary Kate sends Dee away, but not before the woman tells her that the bride is missing; with her former gay ex-boyfriend. Now, it’s up to Mary Kate to break the news to her mother and soon-to-be brother-in-law.


I loved this book. It was so easy to get caught up in. I’d finished almost all of it within thirty minutes last night. It has the perfect balance of sex, dialogue, exposition, action, and description. The characters were portrayed to perfection and the entire story read like a diary. It was so much fun to get into the character’s head as she experienced her first wild night with two men. I’ll definitely be picking up the other two books in this series.


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    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it. And I will certainly stop by and check it out. Thanks for providing the link. Good luck in your ambition. The best suggestion is to stay determined. Make use of social networking like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And make sure you have your own website as well. These are all suggestions I’ve been given by friends who have made a success of their writing careers. Look forward to keeping up with your career!

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