Making Headway

I’ve been spending the last few days trying to get ahead in my writing. I’ve created some goals and set a deadline, hoping this helps inspire me. I’ve got everything I need to be a published author, except a completed manuscript. I’ve got the blog, as you can tell if you’re reading this, a professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a dozen or more accounts on various websites designed to keep my name out there, and I’ve got my own website,

I’m trying to keep this blog up to date, while adding new content to my website and network on Facebook. As for my novel progress, I’ve managed to put the puzzle together and I’ve figured out that I only have a few scenes left to write before I can put on the glue and break out the editing pen. I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve been working on remembering that when I write, I should just put down whatever comes into my mind instead of picking over every word, trying to find the perfect ones. That’s where my editing comes in.

My column is going along pretty good. I just finished reading two books by Ilona Andrews, a great Fantasy author, and I’ll be featuring them this month in Night Owl Reviews. I plan to include a bit of info about what I thought their books were like in the article and then I’ll be putting in a more detailed review here on the blog, or even possibly on my website.

I’ve also got a goal set for where I enter at least two monthly writing columns, which have cash prizes. I hope that incitive will be enough to encourage me to write more. After writing this and my article earlier, I’m certain I’ve managed to pass my writing goal of 600 words, and I hope to get even more wrote when I work on “A Woman’s Revenge.” Look forward to blogging about future progress soon!


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