Newsletter Ideas

So, I just signed up for a newsletter account, hoping it will inspire me to finish my novel so I’ll have something exciting to put into it. Until then, I need some ideas and people willing to sign up for it. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe the latest contests, great writing tips, most helpful websites, up and coming authors, maybe have an interview with a new author and a contest from them or something. Of course I’d need published authors who’d agree to visit and help out. But I’m sure I can find some who agree. It’s great publicity.

Maybe I could also do great ways to find inspiration for a new story or to tackle writer’s block. Writing conferences, recipes that are easy leaving the author more time to write, great places to do research, most helpful books a writer must have, maybe have publishing houses give a bit of an interview telling readers what they are currently looking for, etc. Right now I’m just brainstorming and I’d love to get some feedback. Please feel free to tell me anything you can think of. It’s just an idea right now.


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